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Wellness at Fanshawe College means living a balanced life and integrating aspects of physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and community.

The Student Wellness Centre provides a welcome and safe environment for students and staff to experience all aspects of wellness and to live a balanced lifestyle.  We are working will all areas of the college to bring Wellness to you.

Fanshawe College Wellness Wheel

What does each aspect of wellness mean?

Physical: Maintain a healthy quality of life, living responsibly and taking care of your body to promote and overall sense of wellbeing.
Intellectual: Engaging in creative and stimulating scholastic, cultural and community activities to encourage mental growth and stimulation.
Emotional: Accepting and exploring who you are, enhancing your inner self, reducing stress and maintaining a positive outlook on life through knowledge, acceptance and understanding.
Spiritual: Developing the mind-body connection to foster personal growth and have an overall sense of peace & wellbeing.  Support mental and emotional wellness.