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Nutrition Series

Nutrition Series: Introduction to Healthy Eating

In part 1 of this eight part series we will focus on an introduction to health eating including what healthy eating is, why its important, how you can evaluate your nutrition habits and some tips for implementing healthy nutrition habits.  Stay tuned for our next offering!

Nutrition Series: Introduction to Macronutrients

In this second of eight sessions we will explore macronutrients including what they are, how we can ensure we are getting enough of them and some different types of foods we can incorporate to ensure that we are getting enough of each macronutrient.  We will also touch briefly on micronutrients and their importance as well.  Stay tuned for our next offering!

Nutrition Series: Healthy Nutrition Habits

In part 3 of our nutrition series we will focus on healthy nutrition habits.  You can start implementing some of these habits easily today without even changing the types of foods you are eating.  Join us for this workshop to learn how today! Stay tuned for our next offering!

Nutrition Series – Portion Sizing & Building Your Plate

In part 4 of this nutrition series we will focus on portion sizing and building your plate.  These topics can be incredibly helpful if you are looking to adjust your body composition (losing body fat or gaining muscle mass).  We will teach you how to build your plate and what types of foods to include in order to cover all your needs. Stay tuned for our next offering.  

Nutrition Series – Meal Planning & Prepping

In part 5 of this nutrition series we are focusing on meal planning and prepping.  When you are busy planning and preparing meals or parts of your meals ahead of time can be hugely beneficial and time saving.  It can also help prevent food waste as well which means you are saving money.  

Nutrition Series – Grocery Shopping

In part 6 of this series we are focusing on grocery shopping.  If you have never grocery shopped before then the first time you go to do it, it can be overwhelming, but this workshop will help you shop effectively for the foods that you actually need as well as help you save some money in the process.  

Nutrition Series – Reading Nutrition Labels & Ingredient Lists

In part 7 of this nutrition series we will focus on reading ingredient lists and nutrition labels.  This process can be very overwhelming when first starting out, but we are going to teach you how to spot the most important components and ensure you feel comfortable when you head into the grocery store to look at nutrition labels and ingredient lists.  

Nutrition Series – Mindful Eating

In this final part of our 8 week nutrition series we are talking about the practice of mindful eating.  Mindful eating is a fantastic way to tune into your hunger and fullness cues and eat according to what your body truly needs, but it can take a little bit of practice when you are getting started.  Learn mindful eating practices and tips and tricks for tuning in and being present in the moment when you are consuming food.