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Etiquette and Dress Code

Your experience is important to us! We want you to be safe, respect others and care for this amazing facility! We ask all members to abide by our etiquette and to come to us with specific needs or concerns.


  • No obscene and abusive language or behaviour.
  • Please use lockers for belongings and bring a lock. Lockers are for day use only. Please remove items and lock after your workout.
  • Do not leave coats or large bags out on the floor. Small bags or purses are tolerated if kept out of walkways and a safe distance from moving equipment. Staff will make appropriate judgement call if item is causing a safety issue. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items and we will not hold items behind our desks.
  • Photography and video must be pre-approved by Management.
  • No Personal training services should be rendered by anyone other than Wellness Centre staff and approved (by Wellness Centre Management) coaches/therapists.
  • Spray the towels provided and wipe down equipment after each use.
  • Be aware of other members and allow them to work in on equipment between sets. Do not use equipment as a resting post or hanger for personal items.
  • At busy times, please be aware of other members and limit time on each cardio machine to 25 minutes.
  • Return all weights, plates, and other items to their racks or original areas. Bring your student / staff card to borrow items from the fitness counter (see list posted at counter).
  • Please do not drop or bang weights; please respect the equipment provided. Ask our staff for assistance and for spotting as required.
  • Be sensitive to others and practice good hygiene; avoid use of strong scents.
  • No glass bottles, food, mixing of powdery drinks, bars, etc. Please use cafeteria tables on first floor for snacks and supplement mixing.
  • Please listen to personal devices with earphones and not portable speakers. Please ask for permission to play music out loud in closed studios only.
  • Do not bring in or use chalk.

Dress Code

  • Closed toe athletic shoes ONLY. No boots, sandals, bare feet or slippers (barefoot exception: during yoga class or stretching in closed studio).
  • Do not wear outdoor footwear into fitness areas; please use lockers provided.
  • All shirts must cover mid to lower chest, ribs and midriff. Please refer to posted pictures in Wellness Centre.
  • Do not wear jeans or clothing with metal or plastic that can tear upholstery.