Climbing Wall

Climb with us! Check out our training courses at the bottom of this page.

Check in at our front desk for a schedule of drop in climbing times. For those participants that have received training from another climbing gym, come in and our staff will test you on your skills and abilities for a safe top rope climb.

  • We provide harnesses for all, and helmets upon request.
  • Additional waiver signing required if not wanting a helmet.
  • Only clean, indoor shoes may be used on the wall, or climbing shoes if you have them.
  • Personal gear must be inspected by climbing staff before use.
  • Must be 18 years or older to climb. Students 17 turning 18 are the only exception.
  • Wall is a first come first serve basis, maximum 16 people allowed at one time in the climbing area.

Drop In Hours Sept. – May 2020:
Monday        12 – 8pm
Tuesday       12 – 6pm
Wednesday  12 – 5pm
Thursday      12 – 6pm
Friday           12 – 6pm
Saturday       12 – 4pm
Sunday         12 – 4pm

Top Rope Training: Wednesday’s 5-7pm

Top Rope Testing: Friday’s 6-7pm

Climbing Wall Etiquette

• No chalk
• No bouldering (climbing without ropes) on the wall
• Climb within your ability
• Respect the climbing equipment, use only by intended design
• Unsafe and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and can result in loss of climbing privileges
• No climbing during non-supervised hours
• Report any problems i.e. spinning holds, damaged ropes etc. to the staff as soon as you see them
• Do not attempt to use any out of order holds or equipment
• If they cleaned the hold, they get to use it first
• No headphone use
• All belongings must be kept in the lockers NOT in the climbing area
• Keep the matt free of objects and obstructions like bags, chalk bags, clothing etc.
• All water bottles must be kept on benches away from padded area
• Water is the only the liquid permitted in rock wall area
• Shirts must be worn at all times
• No hands EVER past the top of the wall
• Do not offer unsolicited advice
• Climbers doing vertical problems have priority
• Spotting involves helping someone to control their fall, not trying to catch them
• When in doubt, ask rock wall staff for help
• Do not stand under climbers unless you are belaying them
• All personal equipment brought in by a climber must be approved by the climbing staff on hand before use
• Helmet use is recommended; climbing without a helmet is reserved only for individuals who signed a waiver

Before Climbing/Belaying (You and Your partner)
• Check both harnesses for proper adjustment and double-back of buckles
• Check carabiners to make sure they are securely locked
• Check your figure 8 and double fisherman’s knot
• Check the belay device for proper threading
• You must clip in via carabiner
• No climbing without an initial safety check from rock wall staff
• Stay out of potential fall zones

Rope Climbing Rules
• No top rope climbing without a belayer
• Always be aware of your surroundings and be aware of others around you
• If someone is on the wall before or ahead of you they have the right of way
• Take turns on the wall, be aware that others may want to use the rope you’re on
• Auto belay climbers must yield to top rope climbers
• Never ever climb over another climber
• If two or more climbing routes cross wait until the other climber has already passed
• Lower your climber carefully to avoid collision or losing control
• Do not stand too far back from the wall, you may be pulled off balance if the climber falls off unexpectedly
• Warn your belay before attempting a dyno

We reserve the right to make climbers retake belay training at any time.
Failure to follow the climbing wall rules/etiquette will put yourself and others in danger. Any person who does not follow the rules and etiquette may lose privileges.
Thank you for your cooperation.