Image of group exercise class participantsGroup Exercise Schedule January 7-April 26, 2019

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Quick view of schedule: Winter 2019 Group Exercise Schedule

Holiday Schedule December 24, 2018-Jan 4, 2019: Group Exercise Schedule transition from Fall 2018 to Jan 2019 for members

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Winter/Spring 2018 Class Descriptions

6-Pack & Backpack: Core training class like never before! This functional training class will target your Abs, Back and Gluteus with full body movements and minimal equipment. You will learn how to activate your core muscles for better posture, reduced risk of back injury, shapely backside and enhanced ability to perform better in your workouts and everyday life. 

Athletic Step: Challenge your agility, speed, coordination, balance and endurance with this action packed step class. The choreography focuses on athletic movement with basic traditional step exercises and core conditioning for fun and familiarity. Soar to your inner athlete!

Body Blast: Only 18 spots available! This circuit-style class is guaranteed to blast the calories away! We want to keep you guessing and challenge you differently in every class using a variety of equipment including TRX, kettlebells, weights, bands, bars and more. Blast off!

Dance-X: (pronounced Dance-ex) A cross-training workout incorporating several different dance styles with fun traditional aerobics and conditioning. No dance experience or coordination required. Just move to your own beat and enjoy fun music and friends!

Foam Rolling: Foam rolling is an effective way to relieve the muscle tension built up from exercise or everyday activities. Muscular anatomy is discussed along with rolling technique and 20-25 minutes of directed rolling. Whether you’re interested in improving your foam rolling skills or just want a way to relax then this class is for you!

Glutes, Guts, Guns: Increase lean muscle, decrease body fat, build strength, add definition, increase bone density and speed up your metabolism in this resistance based class. Use a variety of equipment to change the shape of your body. Welcome to the Glutes, Guts, Guns show!

Guided Meditation: Listen to soft music and smooth vocal tones of an instructor guiding you through your meditation practice. This is a great way to reduce stress, focus on your physical and mental health, and prepare for the day or week ahead. Perfect for those new to mediation or those who take comfort in guided reflection. We also offer self-directed Open Meditation times as well as 1-hour Meditation Workshops.

INSANITY®: This HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and total body conditioning program is based on the principals of max interval training, and will push you to new training heights. Modifications are shown for all levels and you are encourage dot work at your own pace as this class does not move to the best of the music. DIG DEEP to a faster metabolism!

Move of the Week: Meet at the fitness desk and one of our trainers will take you to a specified area to demonstrate the Move of the Week along with modifications to simplify or enhance the challenge. Check out our Move of the Week list on our website and learn something new each week!

Nutrition Series: Join us for this 6 week class and learn how to positively change your eating habits, how to grocery shop, plan and prepare meals, read labels and find the best recipes that work for your needs. (No class on Feb 19th)

Power Punch: This workout integrates punches, kicks and boxing techniques using boxing gloves, punch and kick pads. Start with technique drills and end with an action packed circuit! Power POW!

Ropes Gone Wild: Battle Ropes, skip ropes, and resistance cords add a special dynamic element that is great for all exercisers. This heart-pounding, high-energy workout will condition muscles you didn’t know existed. Prepare to sweat!

Spin: Train like an athlete, ride like a racer and find your inner competitor with this low impact / high intensity workout. Let the driving beat of the music take you on a ride guaranteed to make you sweat and inspired to come back for more! Check out Spin Express for a shortened version. Spin+: Ride and get ripped with this fusion class of part indoor cycling / part conditioning using the TRX, Kettlebells, weights, and more. Train like a champion!

YOGA: Stretch your body, mind, and spirit! Yoga will increase flexibility, strength and relaxation. Movements are smooth, flowing and physically exhilarating, helping you improve energy flow throughout your body. Vinyasa Yoga: For those of you looking for a slightly warmer and more intense experience this class will provide a great workout for beginner and advanced Yogi’s. Release negative energy and improve positive flow!