Workout of the Month

Workout of the Month: A New Program Launching March 2020

Keep it Fresh! Our new Workout of the Month Program is the perfect solution to staying motivated! And it’s Free!

Choose Workout of the Month to:

  • decrease boredom
  • increase likelihood of getting faster results
  • decrease risk of injury by training a variety of muscles
  • increase brain and motor function by learning new exercises at multiple intensity levels and range of motion

March Workout: March Workout of the month

April Workout: Workout of the Month April (1)

First, we recommend you start with an orientation. It is included with your membership.

You can register for Workout of the month below (please wait while selections load). Choose from Private or Small Group. When you arrive:

  • A fitness consultant will help you choose a level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) to suit your individual goals.
  • We will get you set up with any other essential services
  • We will demonstrate the exercises in the program and help you figure out how to add this to your weekly training routine 
  • Modifications can be made to accommodate all fitness levels.

Once completed, you will be given a pamphlet of the exercises or can take a picture to save in your device. We will keep record of this on file to serve you better in the coming months. Pick up a new routine every month!

Email Karen: for more information or get started with your orientation.