Lockdown Challenge

Welcome to the Fanshawe Student Wellness Centre’s Lockdown Challenge

Your goal over the course of the next two weeks is to achieve 30 minutes of activity each day.  Over the course of the challenge we will share workouts and bonus challenges with you.  You will accumulate points for each day you achieve 30 minutes of activity as well as for the bonus challenges. 

The challenge begins January 10, 2022 but you can join at any time.

Here is your first workout of the Lockdown Challenge! You can also view a pdf of the workout here! Don’t forget to log your 30 minutes of activity every day to accumulate points!

Over the Lockdown challenge your goal is to accumulate 30 minutes of activity each day but did you know that activity doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go at your maximum intensity everyday.  Movement can be gentle and can be as simple as a walk or cleaning your house

Today we are sharing your second workout of the challenge. You can also view the workout as a PDF here. Remember to log your 30 minutes each day in challenge runner!

Are you ready to play fitness BINGO?  Complete the activity in the square and check it off as completed.  Once you’ve completed a line you can mark your BINGO in challenge runner as completed. You can also download the PDF BINGO card below. Challenge your friends today!

Join us for your third Lockdown workout challenge. You can also download the PDF here. You can still join anytime for your chance to win prizes!

Sleep is such an important part of your overall health and wellness. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep tonight and each night in order to improve your mood, energy levels, grades and productivity.

Meditation has so many benefits for your health and wellness. Give this 5 minute meditation a try to help reduce stress, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, increase attention span, improves sleep and may decrease blood pressure.

Start your week off right with Lockdown Challenge workout 4. You can follow along here, or download the PDF to do the workout on your own.

Are you ready to take the Spell Your Name Challenge. Write out your name and beside each letter write the corresponding exercise. Complete 10 reps of each exercise to spell your name.

Join us today for Lockdown Challenge Workout 5. Follow along here, or download the PDF and do the workout on your own terms!

Exercise snacks are short 5-10 minute portions of exercise that can fit easily into your day.  Your goal is to accumulate 30 minutes of daily activity with the lockdown challenge, but if 30 minutes seems overwhelming try breaking it up into several exercise snacks throughout the day totaling 30 minutes

Today is your final workout video of the Lockdown Challenge. You can follow along with the workout here or download the PDF if you prefer to do it on your own.  

Drinking water and staying hydrated is an important part of overall health.  You may be experiencing dehydration if you have muscle cramps, confusion, rapid pulse or headaches. The amount of water that you need on a daily basis varies from one person to the next.  It can be impacted by your activities, what foods you are eating and more.  In general, women should aim to drink about 2.7L of water each day and men 3.7 L or water each day. 

Don’t miss out on the last workout of the lockdown challenge! Check out your yoga class here! Don’t forget to submit all your points via challenge runner for your chance to win!