Exclusive Group Training

If you love the motivation and camaraderie of training in a group or on a team, then these programs are for you!

Small Group Training: We offer training for groups of 2-4 who have the same goal (i.e. race training, similar weight loss goals, etc). Depending on the goal and the number of people, the focus is generally more on the goal than the individual’s needs. This is a great option for a variety of reasons including: cost effective, social aspect, friendly motivation or competition and convenience or efficiency.

Large Group Training: Please scroll down to register! For larger groups, we will typically post a specific training schedule of session times for individuals to sign up to be a part of the group (i.e. Bootcamp, Walking / Running Club, Fit in 30, Biggest Winner, Core, etc.) Coming soon: Walking / Running Club!

Register Now for Walk & Running Club!

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Athletic & Sports Team Training: We offer In-season, pre & post season training and exclusive sessions for teams or small groups looking to improve athleticism for better individual and team performance. Please email karen.carroll@fanshawec.ca for more information.

Class Specific Training: Do you love one of our classes on the group ex schedule but can’t get to it as much as you’d like? Do you want something similar but more advanced than the current class you attend? What about a Beginner’s “how to” so you feel more confident entering the class, knowing the terminology, positions, patterns and coordination? We can set this up for you and your group of 4-10 participants. There will be a minimum of 4 training sessions with and instructor or multiple instructors depending on the type of class and amount of sessions. Maximum 15 sessions: must be used at least once per week consecutively. Take a look at our current Group Exercise Schedule and send Ashlee a message at a_wilhelm@fanshawec.ca.